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How to Upgrade Your School Refrigeration System on a Tight Budget

Posted by RDT on Nov 9, 2021 2:04:19 PM

How to Your Upgrade School Refrigeration System on a Tight Budget

While budgetary concerns are something most schools deal with on an annual basis, it's something that can be prepared and accounted for. Throw in a pandemic that lasts for multiple school years, and you can throw most of that preparation out the window. School budgets have never been tighter, and schools are looking to save on costs more than ever before.

With an urgent need for PPE for administrators, staff, and students, budgets are being allocated much differently than they were pre-pandemic. Unfortunately, masks, cleaning solutions, and protective barriers are as much a necessity these days as notebooks and pencils.

We've witnessed a transformation in how school foodservice programs are operating, from where students eat their lunch to how it's served by the cafeteria staff. These challenges have forced schools to adapt on the fly by investing in new equipment and solutions designed to accommodate this change. But, like anything, it can come at a price.

How can schools save with refrigeration?

Energy costs are one of the biggest strains on a school's budget. One way schools have found success in saving on costs, staying within budget, and having the flexibility to spend on safety measures is through energy-efficient refrigeration systems. Through smart refrigeration solutions like on-demand defrost, designed to only work when it needs to, or remote access monitoring, schools are finding ways to cut costs while still utilizing the latest in refrigeration technologies.

This isn't Algebra or Calculus we're talking about here, but when you do the math and crunch the numbers, the ROI potential can be huge with a smart refrigeration solution from RDT. Our team has worked with schools all over the country, finding enormous savings opportunities by adding new refrigeration systems or retrofitting existing equipment.

Looking to upgrade your school’s current refrigeration system? Let us do the homework with a free Energy Study today.

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