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Energy Consumption Statistics and the High Cost of Energy

How Refrigeration Costs Affect your Energy Bill

When it comes to energy consumption in commercial and institutional kitchens, refrigeration can be one of the biggest consumers of that energy. Whether it's inefficient defrost cycles or compressors that waste energy from working too hard, with the right commercial refrigeration system, it's possible to reduce energy consumption compared to alternatives. This section details the impact refrigeration can have on a foodservice operation.

Tips for Lowering Energy Costs in Foodservice Operations

The good news with energy consumption in today's foodservice operations is that more and more innovations are making their way into the industry. Whether on-demand defrost or cloud-based monitoring systems, operators can stay connected to just about every aspect of an operation 24 hours a day. Couple this with other energy-saving tips, and it's possible to see utility bills lower regardless of how utility costs might waver.

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