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The Benefits of Remote Monitoring with Eco-Smart

Posted by RDT on Jun 8, 2020 4:40:37 PM

RDT Eco Smart 

In a world where foodservice hours are limited and operations are adjusting to meet new regulations, finding a way to reduce spending while still serving can be difficult. We understand that changes in the industry are inevitable and making them a little less stressful is important.

One of the many ways to follow these new guidelines, operate safely, and maintain the quality of your foodservice products is through remote monitoring. This allows you to use technology to your benefit and ensure your product doesn't go bad. It also allows you to troubleshoot and service equipment without having to replace it as often. Through systems like the Eco-Smart Conroller, refrigeration control is made easy. 


Designed to be your inanimate best friend in the foodservice industry, the Eco-Smart provides you with remote monitoring and diagnostics on demand. You can utilize this energy saving refrigeration controller to conveniently manage all of your walk-in freezer and cooler needs directly from your phone or computer.

Through the controller, adjusting settings, reducing food spoilage, and minimizing or even eliminating icing issues is made possible. While it helps you manage and monitor your equipment, it also helps you reduce energy usage by up to 50%. The Eco-Smart Series can be used with existing refrigeration equipment or new equipment, making it incredibly easy to integrate it into your foodservice operation. 


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For the hectic moments that we're all facing in this industry, the Eco-Smart Series offers a ton of features that make things a little less stressful. By using the controller you're reducing energy usage, taking control of on-demand defrosting, and receiving emails and text alerts when anything changes.

The remote monitoring and system control allows you to have full control over your valuable inventory, making spoilage less of an issue. Utilizing evaporation fans to help control defrost cycles, you're able to maintain the quality of food and save on the costs of energy as well as product. There are 3 factory wired sensors being analyzed at all times through the built-in AI technology, recording things like frost build-up. This helps alert you to the defrost cycles even more and tracks potential icing long before it becomes a problem. 

In addition to the impact RDT's Eco-Smart Series can make via temperature control and monitoring, there is a suction temperature sensor that's required for superheat measuring. This is beneficial for the times fan cycling needs to be initiated and helps even more when it comes to energy reduction. 

At the end of the day, installation is super easy, you're able to cut back on costs, and you're protecting your supply for the hours your business can operate. The Eco-Smart Series is built to function with iPads, iPhones, computers, tablets, and more, only catering to convenience even more.


Being able to achieve energy savings in your foodservice operation should be easy. With just a few tips, RDT can help get you on your way to saving money and doing your part to lessen your carbon footprint in your operation. On top of offering tips, we can also offer a free energy study so you can see exactly how much money you could be saving by switching to RDT technology.

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