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4 Ways to Save Energy This Summer

Posted by RDT on Jun 5, 2017 11:45:15 AM

4 ways to save energy this summer 

The hot summer months bring rising waves, rising temperatures, and rising energy bills. Keeping your restaurant, school, hospital, or cafeteria costs down is imperative throughout the year. However, without an energy-efficient game plan for the summer, the sun won’t be the only thing making you sweat these next few months.

Saving energy in the summer not only helps your foodservice operation costs, but it can reduce its environmental impact significantly. There are a number of ways to save energy for the summer, so let’s take a look at a few important ones.


In small operations, it’s difficult to limit lighting systems to just a few areas. On the other hand, large facilities like schools and offices with multiple rooms can save energy with a flip of a switch. Spaces that aren’t in use most likely don’t need to be lit up. Dimming systems are also worth mentioning as bright lights can contribute to a hotter room. Keeping the lights off or dim can go a long way in turning down the costs.


Just like with lighting, if large electronics or appliances don’t need operating, keeping them shut down will drastically reduce the power needed to keep the rest of your operation running. Energy-efficient appliances, especially in the kitchen, are designed to use as little energy as required. Consider upgrading foodservice equipment that normally takes a toll on your energy usage.


Nothing feels as good as the A/C on full blast after coming from outdoors in the triple-digit weather. But what about when the air conditioning is running at night when the temperatures are cooler? In some cases, it doesn’t hurt to turn off the air if it isn’t needed. Be sure your system is functioning properly, being cleaned regularly, and cooling only the rooms you need.


As much as it might make sense at the time, you can’t live in a commercial refrigerator over the summer. But your food will, and it needs to stay cool and fresh. The same goes for your freezer. Keep walk-in cooler doors closed as much as possible. The easiest way to cut energy costs through refrigeration, is by using a system designed with energy in mind. Refrigeration and defrost systems that run only when needed, using only the amount of energy required will make a huge difference in your summer energy bills.

Keeping your foodservice operation cool this summer starts with a few important tips. Discover them here.

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