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Electronic Expansion Valves: Why They Matter in Refrigeration Systems

Posted by RDT on Dec 13, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Electronic Expansion Valves - They Matter in Refrigeration Systems

When it comes to making decisions, do you tend to go with your brain or your heart? In some cases, that may lead to dramatically different results. In refrigeration, the two work together to make the best decision for your refrigeration system.

We've introduced electronic expansion valves as the "heart" of refrigeration control systems because they take the pulse of the system to show greater visibility of what's flowing through the system at any given time. But one can argue that an EEV is just as much the brains of a refrigeration control system, taking that information and sending directives to the rest of the systems' functions. Ultimately, an EEV helps make the best, most efficient, and cost-saving decisions for your refrigeration system.

In comparison to a traditional thermal expansion valve in a mechanical controller, opting for a system with an EEV is, well, a no-brainer.

What are the Benefits of an Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV)?

More Precise Control

Electronic expansion valves precisely control the amount of refrigerant that flows into your evaporator. As opposed to thermal expansion valves, EEVs know far more accurately how much refrigerant flow to increase or decrease based on the information it's receiving. With an EEV, superheat is always under control, never fluctuating too high or too low.

Faster Response

Once the order is sent from the controller to the EEV about a load change, the response time is significantly faster than through a thermostatic expansion valve. 

Higher Visibility and Connectivity

With remote monitoring, operators can see superheat levels, as well as how much refrigerant is flowing without the need to be in the walk-in freezer or cooler. This information can be monitored directly between the EEV and the controller.


EEVS can also operate with more types of refrigerants than TEVs, as well as a wider range of capacities and evaporating temperatures.

Energy Savings

With smarter monitoring and accurate control, EEVs allow refrigeration control systems to operate at optimal levels, without wasting energy through unnecessary defrost cycles and avoiding large temperature fluctuations. All of this leads to a reduction in energy costs.

An EEV is just one part of the Eco-Smart Evaporator Controller designed to save energy in walk-in freezers and coolers by working smarter, not harder. Interact with the Eco-Smart controller by clicking below.Eco Smart Experiece


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