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Why Refrigeration Control Systems Are Like the Human Heart

Posted by RDT on Jan 6, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Why Commercial Freezer Defrost Systems Are Like the Human Heart 

The human heart is a magnificent piece of machinery. Believe it or not, it also makes for a great analogy when talking about certain aspects of commercial refrigeration systems. Fittingly, it's all about the valves.

Traditionally, refrigeration systems used thermostatic expansion valves that essentially measure temperature and use those readings to activate the defrost process. These are mechanical valves that use a bulb to monitor  temperature.

Compare the thermostatic expansion valve to the electronic expansion valves we use in our Eco-Smart systems here at RDT.

Electronic Expansion Valves, or EEVs, provide maximum energy savings while allowing for flexibility through the use of different refrigerants. They help protect compressors, while giving precise control of superheat.

But how does this relate to the human heart?

Essentially, EEVs "take the pulse" of overall refrigeration system, giving real time information and precise data on what's flowing through the system at any given time. If the refrigerant flow is too high, it can be slowed. If it needs to be ramped up, the accurate and timely data will allow for this.

The bottom line is the Department of Energy is looking to migrate all commercial refrigeration systems away from thermostatic expansion valves in favor of electronic expansion valves, and RDT is helping lead the way with these innovations. EEVs are found in all of our Eco-Smart systems.

Find out more about this type of defrost control by watching this short but comprehensive animation that explains how it works.


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