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What C-Store Energy Managers Should Know About Eco-Cool

Posted by RDT on Apr 30, 2019 10:16:52 PM


Saving money. This is one of the most important tasks any convenience store energy manager can achieve. After all, if you're saving energy, you're saving money.

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, though, there's more to consider than just the monthly bill. Selecting the right system can have multiple layers of benefits that will not only help a c-store save on energy bills, but also increase the operational capabilities of the entire operation. RDT's Eco-Cool system can deliver these benefits, so let's walk through them one by one:


Your title is "energy manager." Your job is to use as little of it as possible. Your refrigeration system can help you achieve this goal. With Eco-Cool, c-stores can experience energy savings by as much as 48 percent on commercial refrigeration.


When you compare the single compressor required with Eco-Cool versus multiple units needed in other systems, it's easy to see the difference when building out the system. Other refrigeration systems need multiple crane hoists, roof curbs, and electrical connections, while RDT's Eco-Cool requires only one.


When a freezer or refrigerator compressor goes down, that can spell disaster for a c-store not prepared to handle the situation. The best way to handle it? Prevention. Be prepared before an outage happens, and make sure the system includes some built-in redundancy, as is the case with Eco-Cool.


Take a look at the picture at the top of the page. Would you rather inspect the rooftop with one compressor or the one with seven? The bottom line is Eco-Cool's rooftops are a lot more manageable than other options, and the easier the walk of the roof, the easier it is on operational costs.

The c-store industry accounts for more than $550 billion in sales every year, and one of the biggest consumers of resources in convenience stores is energy.

Check out our free tips sheet to see some basic ways to save money in your c-store.

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