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Why Redundancy for Commercial Refrigeration Is Important

Posted by RDT on May 10, 2017 9:20:39 PM

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Let's say you operate a large hospital in Nevada. Maybe you're a facility manager or a food and beverage director who's responsible for the operation and upkeep of all the heavy foodservice equipment on campus. Now let's say it's the middle of summer. It's 105 degrees in the shade, and your walk-in freezer is about to crash. Are you ready to hear why redundancy is important for commercial refrigeration?

Of course you are, because redundancy for commercial refrigeration is important no matter where the location or what type of operation. Here's why commercial refrigeration redundancy is important:


If that walk-in does decide to crash, the entire hospital could be in jeopardy of losing some of its food supply. Even worse, food could be stored in less than ideal conditions, which could cause bacteria and contamination in the food and sickness for whomever eats it. Having a backup compressor and built-in redundancy would reduce these risks.


When operations have back up systems in place, it creates peace of mind for the operators. This means facility managers and F&B directors can focus attention on other, more pressing issues like customer satisfaction, lowering costs, reducing waste, and looking for new ways to become more sustainable.


When you consider a commercial refrigeration system like RDT's Eco-Cool, you will not only achieve 100 percent redundancy, but an Eco-Cool rack has a much smaller foot print than conventional rack systems allowing them to fit almost anywhere. Eco-Cool uses digital scroll compressors. One digital scroll compressor replaces numerous conventional compressors, thus making the Eco-Cool rack foot print much smaller. Now you can have it all. Redundancy, a small foot print, and energy savings all in one rack.

See how you can create redundancies in your commercial refrigeration. At the same time, discover how you can also save money and lower your utility costs.


Watch the award-winning Eco-Cool Cost Savings Animation

rdt eco-cool video


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