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4 Energy Saving Tips for Restaurants This Summer

Posted by RDT on Aug 5, 2019 2:30:07 PM

4 Ways Restaurants Can Save Energy in Summer

Rising temperatures may not be the only thing to worry about in the dead of summer. While the warm air outside may be welcome, it may result in increased energy bills that can really make you sweat. Those rising energy bills can lead directly to a reduction in profits.

The good news is you can still keep your profits high even in the summer if you take appropriate measures to keep the energy bills down. Here are some of the steps you can take to save energy this summer and keep the costs down:

Manage your lighting systems

Your lights could be consuming more energy than necessary, so it's essential to manage them properly. You could start by replacing your old, power-hungry bulbs with energy-efficient lights. They may be expensive but will save you a lot of energy in the long run. Essential examples of these modern low-energy lights is the T8 fluorescent bulbs which are up to 25% more energy-efficient than the old tubes. You may also consider making the switch to LEDs, which are longer lasting and save more energy than traditional bulbs.

You can also keep the energy bills down by taking advantage of the bright summer sunlight. Use large windows to let in more natural light so you don't have to keep lights burning all day long. It's also crucial to know where all your lights are located so you can switch off those in spaces not currently in use.

Use energy-efficient appliances

It's no secret that your electrical appliances are the biggest consumers of power in the restaurant. Those ovens, cookers, and food warmers are sucking up more energy than you may believe. Since they are the backbone of your business, you cannot get rid of them. However, some common sense can help you reduce power bills considerably.

For instance, consider switching off that oven if it's not in use. It does not make sense to keep it running if no food is under processing. You can also invest in energy-efficient kitchen appliances to upgrade your foodservice equipment. Upgrading this equipment will reduce your energy usage considerably.

Control your air conditioning systems

Your customers will appreciate the air conditioner running at full blast when they pop in for a quiet moment away from the blistering sun outside, but you can be sure you won't appreciate the enormous bill at the end of the month. Keep everything in balance. Satisfy your guests by running your AC when most necessary and switching it off or slowing it down during cooler times such as night.

You also have to observe best practices to keep your energy bills down in the summer. For example, ensure your AC systems are in perfect shape by cleaning them regularly and repairing them when the need arises.

Keep a close eye on your refrigerators and freezers

It makes perfect sense to keep your food cold and fresh all the time. The only challenge is that you need more energy to preserve your food in the summer due to the high temperatures, hence, substantial power bills. However, you can still keep it down by cutting the cost of refrigeration.

Use refrigeration systems that operate on fewer compressors, and use smart technology to prevent defrost cycles from running on timers. Instead, those units should only operate when it's absolutely necessary to run them, and there's equipment out there like Eco-Smart that can provide on-demand defrost capability.

If you'd like more in-depth information on how to best save energy and money in your foodservice operation, please consider a free energy study from one of the experts here at RDT.

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