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Save Time with Commercial Refrigeration That's Easy to Maintain and Service

Posted by RDT on May 11, 2022 7:00:00 AM

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There's nothing worse in foodservice than downtime forced or caused by faulty equipment. Today, in a world of labor shortages and supply chain challenges, it's even more important to maintain foodservice equipment because you never know how long it will take for that part or to get someone on site.

There are some solutions to these challenges.

First, consider a refrigeration system manufacturer that implements parts that are readily available at your local parts supplier. This will most certainly reduce downtimes.

Second, start with equipment and supplies that have user-friendly designs and easy-to-access components. For service agents, mastering the vast range of foodservice equipment both inside and out is daunting if not impossible. If equipment does go down, it's important for a service technician to access and rectify any problems quickly and efficiently.

RDT Commercial Refrigeration Solution Meet Maintenance Demands

RDT helps reduce maintenance and service woes by solving for both of these problems. Parts are easily available, and the design makes units easily accessible. Created with ease of installation and service in mind, service techs can reach the critical components in little time, saving time and money for operators.

In many cases, service technicians don't even need to be on site to diagnose issues. Thanks to solutions like RDT's Eco-Smart controller, techs have access to a comprehensive view of system-wide data without needing to step foot in the facility. This saves time and better prepares them in case they do need an on-site visit.

Preventative Maintenance Is the Place to Begin

If you want your refrigeration to last, reduce visits from service techs, and avoid potential downtime, it's important to follow preventative maintenance measures.

RDT has put together a refrigeration maintenance checklist for you to use. Click here to download this free resource today to help maintain your commercial refrigeration systems.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist

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