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A Look Inside NYC's Legacy Records for a Peek at Their Refrigeration

Posted by RDT on Aug 17, 2018 11:47:47 AM

A Look Inside NYC's Legacy Records for a Peek at Their Refrigeration

Legacy Records is one of the latest endeavors from one of New York City's hottest restaurant groups. Delicious Hospitality is the team behind Charlie Bird and Pasqaule Jones, and now they're opening up their latest shop near the Javits Center.

As detailed in a recent Total Food Service publication, the 85-seat restaurant will include two private dining rooms with their own test kitchen, as well as a wine and cocktail bar. It will also feature a walk-up café and another cocktail bar upstairs.

Legacy Records NYCThe equipment and supply dealer for the Legacy Records location was Curt Dryden, senior project manager with H. Weiss/BHS Equipment Solutions out of Armonk, New York.

After getting a feel for the space, which was essentially a blank canvas the first time he entered it in April of 2017, one of the first tasks was to figure out how to locate a double decker walk-in cooler.

"A key to the build out on the walk-in was the refrigeration package that RDT provided," Dryden said in Total Food Supply. "With RDT's refrigeration racks and compressor technology, it was all able to come together."

Essentially what RDT is capable of providing in situations like these, is the ability to power more refrigerator and freezer space with a much smaller number of compressors.

"There is a lot of refrigeration in this restaurant," Dryden said, "two floors of kitchens with a total of five walk-in compartments, 14 under counters and four cold food pans. You can't turn around without access to refrigeration anywhere in these kitchens. Every type of production is going on: pastry and dessert, meat preparation, seafood, cook line production, garde manger... it's like a full-service hotel."

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Eco-Cool Legacy Records

RDT's Eco-Cool rack refrigeration system will reduce energy bills by as much as 48 percent, while simultaneously adding redundancy to the entire operation. Another benefit is the open communication Dryden enjoyed throughout the process.

"Whenever RDT is specified, I know that we will have great communication and a great product. They are also very responsive to changes in design during the construction process."

As he mentioned in regards to the Legacy Records project, there were several changes in refrigeration scope during the entire process."

"[RDT] still met our dates," Dryden said.

Discover all the Eco-Cool details, and see the many reasons it can help your foodservice operation.

Watch the award-winning Eco-Cool Cost Savings Animation

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