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The Basics of PremierPak Refrigeration System

Posted by RDT on Aug 9, 2023 4:00:00 PM

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Refrigeration racks aren't just for large jobs and spaces. In fact, at RDT, we build racks for any size project with the same dependable quality.

That's why we created PremierPak. Designed for maximum dependability and ease of service, this outdoor, air-cooled, refrigeration system has individual, dedicated condensers designed for any climate, a single-point electrical panel, stainless steel enclosure, rugged base and best-in-class components designed to last decades.

As a comparison, the other option is to use the refrigeration that comes standard with walk-in panels, but the reality is PremierPak can be less expensive than preassembled remotes, and it's more reliable.

Why consider PremierPak over other RDT solutions?

First of all, PremierPak is a better option when the space is too small for an RDT Eco-Cool System. At the same time, PremierPak is a better option than going with standard pre-assembled remote systems from the walk-in manufacturers. PremierPak can also be paired with RDT's Eco-Smart solution.


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