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A Quick Look at Retrofitting a Commercial Refrigeration System

Posted by RDT on Apr 13, 2021 11:14:06 AM

 A Quick Look at Retrofitting Your Commercial Refrigeration Systems.png

Because commercial refrigeration is one of the biggest drains on energy consumption in foodservice, it goes without saying commercial refrigeration can also become an operation's biggest savings opportunity. But how, and what about new properties versus existing ones?

For new foodservice operations, there's always the opportunity to make energy-saving decisions before equipment is actually installed in a facility. But for existing properties like chain restaurants or K-12 school nutrition programs, they are typically not in a position to switch out their entire refrigeration systems.

This doesn't mean existing operations don't have the potential to save, though. In fact, when retrofitting an existing refrigeration system with a solution like Eco-Smart, operators can add important features to their refrigeration systems that deliver a range of benefits:

* The first feature provided by the Eco-Smart system is on-demand defrost. This utilizes "smart" technologies and algorithms to determine the precise times when defrost cycles are needed. This is different from other defrost systems that work on timers and often operate when they're not even needed.

* Remote monitoring allows operators to view current refrigeration data without the need to actually be in the facility. When monitoring conditions remotely, they can be tracked and recorded to ensure ideal storage temperatures. These monitoring and reporting capabilities will support an operation's HACCP plan, as well as reduce the amount of spoilage and food waste. You don't need to purchase the Smart Access, but it does come with 1 year of free remote monitoring, especially helpful for those days when you're not physically at the location, or have an on-site maintenance person there 24/7. (Who does?) 

If you'd like to learn more about the RDT Eco-Smart and see it in action, click here:

Eco Smart Experiece

* Finally, these features and benefits are all available through a retrofit kit provided exclusively by RDT and the Eco-Smart commercial refrigeration system. Even without redoing an entire walk-in configuration, Eco-Smart can be added to an existing system that will easily provide ROI within a year. 

Ready to learn more about retrofitting your commercial refrigeration system? Discover Eco-Smart in this introductory video.


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