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An Intro to Smart Access

Posted by RDT on Jun 9, 2021 8:57:08 AM


Technology is something that is always evolving. Power companies, home security systems, and appliances are providing smart systems that allow the end-user to monitor their usage from anywhere, at any time, and even on the go. RDT recognizes this technology shift, and our RDT Smart Access is bringing that same transparency and data directly to your fingertips.


We all know that commercial refrigeration is one of the biggest drains in energy consumption in any operation. Remote monitoring is available with every Eco-Smart controller installed and puts the power of knowledge into the operator's hands. But what if you were in charge of monitoring multiple site locations? Rather than logging into each portal individually, Smart Access is the route that we always recommend.


Smart Access allows your Eco-Smart controller to transmit the information for multiple sites directly onto a cloud-based server. This knowledge can save you money in two big ways:

1. On-demand defrost: This utilizes "smart" technologies and algorithms to determine the precise times when defrost cycles are needed. This is different from other defrost systems that work on timers and often operate when they're not even needed. Smart Access can show you all the defrost cycles. You can easily see if a unit needs maintenance, from anywhere.

2. Remote monitoring: With RDT's Smart Access monitoring system, the first year of remote monitoring is free. Yes, you read that correctly. After the first year passes, the cost is $30 per year (per controller.) When each commercial freezer holds approximately $10,000 worth of inventory, $30 a year is a drop in the bucket. You can both protect your assets, and it provides valuable peace of mind.

With Smart Access, multiple sites or locations are easy to read, and condensed into one landing page.Plus, you continue to receive email alerts or SMS text messages in the event of any alarm condition. Adding Eco-Smart technology and harnessing the power of monitoring through Smart Access is just one more way that you can take control over your refrigeration, and the energy that it uses within your commercial or industrial kitchen. If you're unsure if Smart Access is the right call for your operation, our helpful RDT team would love to connect with you to discuss the pros and cons. We don't try to upsell a service that won't directly benefit you, or provide you a service designed to make controller's lives easier in the meantime. Contact us today to learn more.

We'd love to show you more about what Eco-Smart can do with this informative video. Click the photo below to learn more.

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