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Rep Resume: High Sabatino Associates

Posted by RDT on Mar 4, 2021 8:33:37 AM

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Here at RDT, we love working together with our amazing group of reps that span across North America. In Virginia, Maryland, and the metro Washington, D.C. area, we're proud to partner with the team at High Sabatino.

High Sabatino is a third generation manufacturer's rep that has served Mid-Atlantic operators for more than 40 years.  One reason we love the team at High Sabatino is their dedication to be a solution for chefs.

From combi oven technology to sous vide solutions, we know operators turn to High Sabatino for their expertise in everything chef-related. They've compiled a collection of foodservice equipment and supplies that are made for the culinary-minded operations, and while commercial refrigeration isn't always considered to be a chef-driven solution, executive chefs and operators know the important role it plays in commercial kitchens.

Let's talk with Mike Colligon and the team at High Sabatino to learn more about their expertise and how they view the refrigeration as part of an overall foodservice solution.

HSA Team

RDT: Well, let's get this out of the way right in the beginning. What do you see in RDT?

Colligon: I see a well run customer and solutions focused company in the refrigeration segment of our industry. RDT is a real partner to us and our customers- all of them, the consultants, dealers and the end users with the value added solutions that they bring to our industry. We are super grateful to represent RDT.

RDT: Can you give us a concrete example of what you mean?

Colligon: There are several, but the one that comes to mind immediately is the Eco-Cool System. This system can reduce energy consumption by 48% in a 90 degree ambient temperature by reducing all compressors down to a single scroll medium temp and low temp compressor. This reduces refrigerant, temperature and electricity. Considering that refrigeration can account for 25% of costs in energy, that is substantial savings for the astute operator. In addition, it will provide the operator with 100% redundancy in the event of failure.

RDT: This is on the sales side of the business, but what about those customers who have already purchased refrigeration solutions from RDT?

Colligon: We have a great local dealer that really understands the concept of the Eco-Cool and promotes it to the multi-unit operators that they work with. He shows them the math and they have come back and having verified the savings insisting on Eco-Cool on future installations. The heat removal from the kitchen and the energy savings translated to real dollars for their operation.

RDT: Let's talk a little bit about refrigeration systems. What should customers really consider when looking for these types of solutions?

Colligon: Things you should consider might be the size of your kitchen and number of compressors used, the ambient temperature of your geographic area, your desire for a redundant system and your desire to save money.

RDT: Can you expand on that a bit?

Colligon: I think when you have 3-5 systems, depending on size, is where you will really begin to see your ROI kick in. For instance, if you have multiple walk-in cooler / freezers, ice machines, reach-in's etc, you will remove the heat generated by the compressors that would have been local, increased the efficiency by removing them from the heat of the kitchen and minimizing the footprint and the amount of refrigerant required, you are benefiting your operation and the environment. 

Take us up on our offer. Schedule a free refrigeration review to go over your additional potential for profit by using innovative refrigeration solutions from RDT.

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