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Meet Our New VP of Engineering, Chris Boryca

Posted by RDT on Mar 10, 2020 1:49:57 PM

Chris Boryca

RDT is proud to announce the hiring of our new vice president of engineering, Chris Boryca. Chris comes to us with an extensive foodservice background and personality of great integrity. We'd like to share some of his story with you here.


Tell us a bit about your background. How did you wind up in foodservice?

My foodservice endeavor began in college as an engineering intern for a commercial refrigeration manufacturer. After graduation, I joined full time, spurring a thirteen year career.


What aspects of the industry most interest you? Where do you see the opportunities for improvement?

I love interacting with customers, which gives me opportunities to learn how they use our equipment and how we can improve our equipment to better suit their needs.


In your words, why is refrigeration so important? Where do you see refrigeration in the future?

Refrigeration affects every aspect of the food and drinks we consume. It maintains sub-40 degree temperatures so our meats, cheeses, and other perishable products remain safe and fresh. We surely wouldn’t enjoy living without refrigeration.

We have all become a mobile generation. Nearly every activity can be tracked, monitored, and adjusted on a computer or mobile device. I see the future of refrigeration following suit. Imagine being able to check refrigerated temperatures just like checking when a package was left at your front door. As we become more aware of benefits for this level of connectivity, more industries will offer solutions to fit.


What's your favorite restaurant? What do you usually order there?

It’s tough to pick a favorite restaurant, as every one has its unique characteristics that I love. After living in Texas for so long, BBQ has become a favorite of mine. Mixing smoked meat with sauces, sides, and some homemade cobbler is an excellent meal!


Chris Boryca QuoteCan you describe your favorite dining experience?

My favorite dining experience would be enjoying dinner with my family. Having everyone at the table enjoying good food and conversations is what I love most. Without family at the table, dinner isn’t much of an experience.


What excites you about your future at RDT?

I’m excited to work with an amazing group that is passionate about refrigeration and is centered around faith and family. I feel that I can bring new perspectives on refrigeration and promote growth and development for the team. And I believe that RDT's faith and family-oriented perspective will help me grow on a personal level.


Is there anything else RDT's readers should know about you?

Outside of the refrigeration world, I have a mad passion for fast cars. From a young age, I was driving go carts, working on my dad's first car - a 1966 Pontiac GTO (which we still have), and owning several cars that were prepped for the racetrack. I’ve gone so far that I have a garage and enough tools to do all of my own maintenance. It’s something that will always be a part of my life.

Chris Boryca rdt


The RDT Team is full of amazing people like Chris. To schedule some time with one of us, be sure to check out the RDT Chill Team for a comprehensive discussion on anything refrigeration.


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