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Versatility With Switching From Walk-in Cooler To Freezer

Posted by RDT on Jul 23, 2021 12:00:00 AM

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Being flexible in business can help you pivot and adjust to sudden changes. This includes your commercial refrigeration. Having the ability to go from refrigerator to freezer space not only helps your business become more flexible, but also adjust to supply changes. 


Having commercial refrigerators that can be switched from being a cooler to a freezer and back to a cooler can help many businesses. Think of food banks that rely on receiving donations from various sources. They might not know from day to day what food they’ll be receiving. One day it could be a lot of milk while a few days later, they could receive word that they are getting frozen products. Having the ability to switch back and forth in advance of delivery to account for additional products means not having donations go to waste.


Standard refrigeration systems are designed to either be a cooler or a freezer, and simply adjusting a thermostat will not be sufficient to change temperatures so significantly. The initial design has to be considered with the most significant heat exchange in mind. Furthermore, pressures have to be regulated when a reduced heat exchange is required. RDT can engineer a system that covers the entire range of cooling to freezing capacity. With the assistance of our evaporator controller and the help of a pressure regulator, changing temperatures can be as easy as a flip of the switch, or a click of a mouse. This is another example of using smart kitchen technology can create versatility and control over your foodservice operation.

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