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How to Eliminate Frost in Your Walk-In with Eco-Smart

Posted by RDT on Aug 18, 2017 5:08:51 PM

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Many people look at frost in a walk-in as a good thing. It means it’s properly cooling, right? Wrong. Frost in a walk-in can have detrimental effects on your commercial kitchen. 

With the Eco-Smart refrigeration controller, you can rid your walk-in freezer of all the problems related to frost.

[Watch the Eco-Smart video to learn more about the Eco-Smart controller]

What is Eco-Smart?

The Eco-Smart is an energy saving refrigeration controller that provides remote diagnostics and monitoring, as well as on-demand defrost.

How can Eco-Smart get rid of frost in a walk-in?

With the Eco-Smart’s on-demand defrost feature, you can remove frost from your walk-in freezer for good. To control when the on-demand frost feature is turned on, the Eco-Smart controller monitors the evaporator coils. When frost is detected, a defrost cycle will clear the coils, protecting your food, walls, and floors keeping them free of ice.

How is Eco-Smart different from a traditional defrost system?

Many traditional defrost systems will use a timer to determine when to turn on the defrost system. The problem with this is that frost doesn’t show up on a set schedule so a timer may be turning on the defrost system too early or too late. The Eco-Smart controller ensures that the evaporator coil will defrost only when it needs to. 

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Because the Eco-Smart controller only defrosts the coil when needed, it will improve your bottom line significantly by getting rid of frost in your freezer without overusing energy. 

Find out more about this type of defrost controller by watching this short, but comprehensive animation that explains how it works.


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