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Why Engineering Makes the Refrigeration Rack

Posted by RDT on May 24, 2018 2:41:23 PM

Why Engineering Makes the Refrigeration Rack


People make the products. They're the reason we have innovation, great customer service, specialization, and all the other buzzwords we use to describe positive experiences that meet our expectations and solve our problems. If things are really good, maybe we even exceed expectations.

At RDT, we believe in the same philosophies, and the result is the emphasis we place on engineering. When we say that engineering makes the refrigeration rack, we really mean what we say.

“Establishing critical design requirements, project constraints or building limitations during the design phase of a project leads to a smoother bid, submittal and manufacturing process," says Mareska Willert, a Senior Project Manager with the RDT project management group.

Our project management team consists of nine people on staff who have certain specializations. One person will handle an entire project all the way through, from initial consultation all the way through completion. This means designers and consultants, and ultimately their end users, get a consistent knowledge source throughout the lifespan of the project.

“One of the greatest benefits of having a project manager as a single source of information is that effective and timely communication is greatly enhanced," Senior Project Manager, James Beam, says. "An additional benefit our customers don’t see is the internal networking inside RDT between engineering and production. Each project manager, regardless of their level of expertise, has a great team around them that works together to provide the best possible result with the best possible product.”

Our team also has different tiers of experience -- including proficiency in AutoCAD, engineering, design, and quoting -- in order to speak the same language our customers speak.

At RDT, we take this concept one step further. Our team also has various specializations. For example, if you're a county wide school district looking to build out two new schools, we will dedicate a specialist who understands the unique challenges a school system faces. Chain restaurants, hospitals, and other types of foodservice operations are different, so they should require different types of experience.

“We want to engineer and design a refrigeration system that meets our customers specific needs," RDT Director of Design Services, Eric Enriquez, says. "If energy savings is an important benefit to our client, we’ll discuss our Eco-Cool rack systems or Eco-Smart evaporator controllers. If tight budget constraints are driving a project, we can always look at some value engineering options. Our team excels at overcoming obstacles and finding the perfect solution for every project.”

As you can see, we believe in engineering. We understand that engineering can make or break the effectiveness of the refrigeration rack. And we have a team of experts at your disposal who can help you with some of those tough decisions you're certain to face.

Spend some time with one today. Schedule a one-on-one webinar with one of our commercial refrigeration experts, and see if we can help solve some of your challenges.


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