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Happy Retirement To Our Senior Project Manager, James Beam

Posted by RDT on Apr 22, 2021 10:42:20 AM

James and Gena Beam-1

Our Senior Project Manager, James Beam, will be retiring from RDT after 12 years of working with us. 

James has had a close connection to RDT even before he started working here. Our company president, Brent Dyess, was part of James and Gena's wedding party - can you guess which one below is Brent?

James Beam wedding

"James has not only been an asset to RDT, but he has been an asset to me. I cannot properly do my job as VP of Sales without the help and support from the PMs at RDT," said Doug Reasoner. 

When I started at RDT in 2016, James and I had numerous conversations discussing RDT products, how they worked and their applications. He always had a great work ethic as well," said Doug. "It is not uncommon to get new quotes or e-mails from James after hours and at times on the weekend. James also worked very well with RDT’s reps, consultants and dealers. I will miss working with James and I wish him well in his retirement."

And while we're all sad to see James go, we're excited for him and Gena. Here's some of what they have planned for the future, along with some advice from James to future project managers who join the RDT Team. 

How has the company evolved over the past 12 years?

When I began at RDT, I think we may have had around 19 employees. Today, there are 70 dedicated people working here. Our market share has grown as we have been led by the owners to stay on the cutting edge of growth in the refrigeration industry. I believe that RDT is probably the best company around if the customer is needing the latest technology combined with top-level service.

What advice do you have for any future senior project managers with RDT?

My advice to new project managers and senior project managers would be:

  1. Stay positive – things are changing rapidly and it helps to approach the stress that comes from that by remembering that we are providing an amazing product for our customers (side note: I have not always practiced what I preached).
  2. Keep your doors open to others – we all grow when we are available to one another.  It creates a unity that will sustain you, especially on tough days.
  3. Ask questions.  When I was hired, I was told by the owner to ask questions any time I didn’t know why something was done the way it was. When I started, I knew absolutely nothing about refrigeration except that it kept my food cold at home.  It’s not enough to just design & quote. We are also in the relationship business.  Our customers will sometimes need and want help understanding our product and how it works. It’s a win-win when we can communicate that we actually know our product and why it works so well.

How do you plan to spend your time upon retirement?

James Beam travel trailer

My wife, Gena, and I have sold our house and all of our belongings – except what we can squeeze into a 36 foot, 5th wheel travel trailer. We are currently living full-time in the RV just a few miles down the road from RDT. Our plan is to travel when needed to small churches throughout the states who cannot afford a preacher (I was one in my “previous life”).  We have a deep affection for small churches. I will be doing a few side jobs along the way to make social security go a little further. We are having fun!  People ask us all the time what it is like living in a place that small. Our answer: We have never been closer!  I’ve been blessed to have the best wife walking with me and standing with me for 44 years.  We are excited to finish our journey in this way.

Is there anything additional you'd like to say before you leave on your new adventures?

I would like to end by thanking RDT for allowing me to grow with the company over these 12 years. I pray that they will continue to excel as more and more challenges come their way. I have worked with some of the finest people in our design & quoting department and they have given so much of themselves. This company is blessed to have them and I am so proud to call them my friends. May God bless you all!

The RDT Team is full of great people, just like James. We invite you to get in touch with someone from the RDT Chill Team for a comprehensive discussion on anything refrigeration, from trends to tips and tricks.


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