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The Importance Of Having A Backup Compressor

Posted by RDT on Jun 17, 2021 12:00:00 AM

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Having automation in commercial refrigeration is important, especially in the foodservice business. When backup compressors are used, it helps free up employees to do other things that will help your business make money. More importantly, if your primary unit does go down, there won't be an interruption of service, or worse, lost product. Here are a few examples of how a backup compressor can help your business.


Normally being redundant wouldn’t be considered a good thing. But in the world of refrigeration, redundancy is the best thing. That’s because redundancy for commercial refrigeration is important in maintaining product. No matter what you’re storing, if your cooler or freezer goes out, you risk losing product. And in the foodservice industry, that not only means food waste if you throw it out but also the chance that food ventures into the ‘danger zone’ for a while. Which increases the possibilities of foodborne illness. With a backup compressor, the standby comes on automatically so there are no concerns about the refrigerated product getting warm


Having a compressor fail without a backup method in place is an emergency that can cause havoc in a busy kitchen. Having to remove staff from their duties to empty out a broken unit can delay service and possibly cause you to close down early. Having a backup compressor in place allows everyone to have peace of mind and be able to attend to customers' needs and help increase sales.


Every business has different needs and every commercial refrigeration system doesn’t need to operate in the exact same manner. This is why RDT offers five types of refrigeration redundancy to help your business get exactly what’s needed to maintain your system. Whether your company would require 75% redundancy or 100% redundancy depends on your current system but no matter which you choose, you’ll gain energy efficiency, save money, and have peace of mind knowing your refrigerated products are protected 24/7.

Ready to find out how a backup compressor can help your commercial refrigeration? The RDT Team can help!

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