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Advancements in Commercial Refrigeration System Technologies Can Offset Labor Costs for Restaurants

Posted by RDT on Feb 28, 2022 2:02:40 PM

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It might not seem immediately obvious, but commercial refrigeration systems are everywhere. We all know that grocery stores, convenience stores, schools, and restaurants require refrigeration systems to keep food safe for consumption. It is important in healthcare, not just as it relates to foodservice, but for things like blood and vaccine storage. The bottom line is commercial refrigeration matters in a wide range of applications, and it can impact the people who work in those organizations.

Savings Help Offset Costs of Labor Shortages

Thanks to advancements in refrigeration systems, labor savings in restaurants and convenience stores may be possible. Closer to home, the technological improvements in commercial refrigeration may offer relief to business owners, particularly in the restaurant industry, where labor shortages have resulted in business owners getting creative in how they operate to stay afloat.

Automated Remote Monitoring

Before recent advancements, owning a commercial refrigeration system would require nearly constant monitoring and associated record-keeping to ensure proper functioning and maintenance. Traditionally, monitoring would be conducted by an employee, often recording temperature every hour, with a service provider being hired to carry out any maintenance or troubleshooting. 

Labor comes at a cost, and technologies like RDT's Eco-Smart Controller can offer labor savings in restaurants that need to keep costs down. Not only does the Eco-Smart provide integrated temperature record-keeping, it eliminates ice build-up on the walls and ceiling, and allows for remote monitoring that permits the service provider to troubleshoot the system from a remote location.

It's easy to see how this advancement in commercial refrigeration technology will significantly cut labor costs for restaurants and other businesses.

Learn more about the Eco-Smart controller, and see how it can impact your commercial refrigeration capabilities.

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