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Foodservice Trends for 2021

Posted by RDT on Jan 5, 2021 12:23:24 PM

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It's time to say goodbye to 2020, and hello to 2021. Starting a new year is always fun. From celebrating various holidays to making New Year's resolutions and seeing how many of your goals you were able to meet at the end of the previous year, it's almost like the new year brings a fresh start. So, embrace the good times and welcome the new times. The foodservice industry is on the rise with lots of new trends and we're excited to see all the great ideas that come to life in the coming year.


As we start 2021, COVID-19 is still something we face with caution. One trend we'll see carry into the new year is the need for transparency in the items we market. Through packaging, labels, and menus, the workplace will find a bridge to build better foodservice to consumer relationships. Utilizing labels to precisely note the ingredients inside a package quickly and clearly will assist consumers in picking out products they want to buy.


Technology continues to advance daily, and apps that provide delivery services are on the rise when it comes to providing new jobs and catering to the trend of contactless delivery. This offers a combination of convenience, safety, and quick service for everything from groceries to meals and snacks from various restaurants or stores.

Through digital designs, foodservice operations can seamlessly market to consumers at the touch of their fingertips. In 2021, we can expect to see an even larger increase in digital designs and advertisements that encourage and promote online ordering.


While there's still a love for the passion behind making homemade products, contactless solutions have provided great comfort in 2020. Within the next 12 months, we could see a streamline of consumers leaning away from products that are described as "made in-house" and a rise in services that use bots and limit human interaction. This isn't to say that handmade products won't market, but many consumers are going to be continuing to take precautions that provide a sense of sanitary service. 


Plant-based products have been all the rage in the last few years. As more people become aware of how their body reacts to specific items they ingest, what certain products can make you feel, and they lean towards a more self-aware, healthy lifestyle, plant-based diets will continue to trend. Not only is this a way that consumers are taking steps to better care for their well-being, but it also combats things like industrialized energy and carbon consumption.

Through meals and services that use natural products, recognize recycled material, and offer eco-friendly packaging, the attempt to fight off global warming feels doable. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for businesses that offer plant-based and sustainable products as it allows them to feel that they're doing their part in saving the planet. In some sense, it gives them "hero status."

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