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Walk-Ins Aren't Just for Restaurants Anymore

Posted by RDT on May 9, 2022 2:37:47 PM

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Having a great walk-in cooler or freezer is important in every restaurant and bar. But walk-ins aren't only for the foodservice industry. In fact, having customized walk-in coolers and freezer for a variety of businesses is a trend that has been going upward. Here are some places where having walk-ins helps improve business and sales. 

Blood Banks & Storage

Fragile and needed for a variety of reasons, blood storage must be held at specific temperatures to maintain its integrity. From blood banks that stock for emergencies to cord blood banks that preserve an infant's DNA, many businesses use walk-ins for their blood supplies. In a multi-billion dollar industry, blood must be kept at specific temperatures right after it's collected. While the temperature varies based on the part of blood being stored, walk-in coolers are a necessity in the industry.

Cannabis Storage

More states around the country are legalizing the use of cannabis. Having the right storage conditions for the businesses that are selling it is important for its preservation. Storing it in conditions that are too hot can cause mold to grow so having it in a cool, dry location with minimal humidity and no direct sunlight is best. The same applies to CBD oils and edibles that contain marijuana. Using a walk-in cooler helps keep all cannabis products secure and at their freshest for customers. 

Film Storage

Film is a very delicate product and needs to be stored at specific temperatures and low humidity to help its preservation. We worked with the Louisville Film Commission to install units to control temperature and humidity to help make sure the film being produced there lives on for many generations to come.


One might not consider that a walk-in is a necessity in a pharmacy. However, many medications and vaccines are required to be refrigerated, and using a refrigeration system made for a home is not ideal. That's because when a traditional refrigerator door is opened, it can lead to temperature fluctuation. Which can impact the effectiveness of the medication being stored. The Centers for Disease Control have specific storage requirements for vaccines and medications, including the preference for using purpose-built cold storage


Purchasing flowers can be done for many reasons. The one common denominator is making sure the florist is sending out the freshest flowers available. But if flowers need usually to be shipped from another location, how do floral shops keep their product looking its best? With a floral cooler. Cut flowers stay the freshest if they are placed in refrigeration at 34 to 47 degrees Fahrenheit until they are used in an arrangement. 

Morgues & Funeral Homes

While it may not be a subject that one wants to think about, the use of walk-ins at morgues and funeral homes is an extremely important part of their business. Being respectful to the bodies of those entrusted to them includes having a space to temporarily slow the effects of death. This is especially important in a morgue where preservation is a necessity for death certificates. Required to be meet strict sanitation requirements, morgue and funeral home walk-ins are customizable for the needs of the funeral directors or coroners.

Ladybug Storage

Eating lots of aphids and other bugs that destroy impact crops, ladybugs are a great way for farmers to avoid using chemical pesticides. To keep ladybugs in storage before releasing them in the fields, they should be kept in refrigeration between 35 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Able to be stored for up to three months, they're an important way to maintain agriculture. And don't forget to ask us about that time we built a whole refrigeration room for ladybugs

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