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Why Commercial Refrigeration Is Important to These Foodservice Applications

Posted by RDT on Feb 13, 2017 1:30:00 PM

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Commercial refrigeration systems are vital to foodservice operations. They preserve ingredients at ideal storage conditions, keep food and beverages cold at proper consumption temperatures, and they help move foods through the Danger Zone as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure safe food consumption and storage.

Let's take a closer look at the different needs for commercial refrigeration systems. Why is commercial refrigeration important to the following foodservice applications? Let's find out.


Walk-ins open and close all the time in a busy commercial kitchen. But unlike reach-ins, when a walk-in is opened, large amounts of conditioned air can escape into the kitchen facility. Walk-ins are also responsible for storage of the largest quantities of ingredients. It's important for walk-in coolers and freezers to be as efficient as possible with redundancies built in. The alternative could be catastrophic for a foodservice operation.


Whether it's an under counter reach in, a deli case, or a drop-in well, these types of units almost always put product closer to the customers. When product is closer to its point of consumption, it's even more important for it to be at ideal consumption conditions. Temperature is obviously a huge part of that. Make sure merchandisers and grab-n-go cases are operating at optimal conditions to properly preserve food and to save on operational costs.


Finally, commercial refrigeration systems are important for creating even the coldest of foodservice conditions. Blast chillers are critical to help move food from a cooked or semi-cooked state to a cold storage state as quickly as possible. This keeps food out of the Danger Zone. Commercial refrigeration condenser circuits can also be critical to make sure ice makers are working. By employing the right system, operators can ensure foods reach even the coldest of temperatures (and stay there) as efficiently as possible.

Keeping your food products at ideal storage temperatures can be an expensive endeavor, especially if your equipment is outdated.


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