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Innovate, Automate, Refrigerate - RDT's Approach to Cutting-Edge Technology

Posted by RDT on Aug 29, 2023 10:32:40 AM

The technological revolution has changed nearly every aspect of society, including within the foodservice refrigeration industry. Innovations that help operators control costs, provide safety measures, and automate tasks assist businesses nationwide. And by having a partner like RDT, you know that the innovation will always be forward-thinking. 

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Topics: refrigeration, Eco-Smart

The Rise of Food-Forward University Dining Halls: Exploring the Latest Culinary Trend

Posted by RDT on Aug 14, 2023 3:36:31 PM

College campuses nationwide are expanding their foodservice offerings to include bold, fresh flavors and new cuisines that a more diverse student body can all enjoy. As colleges focus on sustainably innovating their campus menus, food-forward dining halls are becoming an increasingly popular way to experiment with trendy ingredients while cutting down on food waste.

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Topics: trends, PremierPak, College & University

The Basics of PremierPak Refrigeration System

Posted by RDT on Aug 9, 2023 4:00:00 PM

Refrigeration racks aren't just for large jobs and spaces. In fact, at RDT, we build racks for any size project with the same dependable quality.

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Topics: refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, Eco-Cool, Eco-Smart, Model ZS

Feeding the Golden Years - Senior Care Foodservice’s Top Challenges

Posted by RDT on Jul 18, 2023 2:19:36 PM

Senior living facilities have a lot on their plates, and one of the biggest tasks is ensuring their residents are fed. This includes not only consistent quality meals but nutritional ones as well. The need for proper refrigeration practices cannot be overstated, as they are crucial for ensuring food safety, quality, and taste. There are a number of challenges that kitchens in senior residential communities face, but with the right refrigeration solutions, they can be overcome. 

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Topics: healthcare, PremierPak

Investing in the Future: Benefits of RDT Eco-Cool Systems for C-Stores

Posted by RDT on Jun 7, 2023 8:36:08 AM

Convenience stores are more popular than ever among consumers, as many people are interested in grab-n-go food and beverage options that are, well, convenient. C-stores that can diversify the range of products and services they offer will put themselves in a position to be more competitive in the current business environment, and certainly in the future when the electric vehicle movement will require longer stops along our highways.

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Topics: Eco-Cool, c-stores, trends

Maintaining Proper Temperature and Humidity Levels with the Controlled Environment

Posted by RDT on Mar 3, 2023 12:06:04 PM

Environmental control is critical for ensuring the quality of your commercial products. While controlling the environment means controlling the temperature, it means controlling the humidity level as well. There are a variety of commercial products that require controlled environments, which means it is critical to think about not only temperature control but also humidity control.

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Topics: Eco-Smart, humidity, humidity room, storage

The Top Three School Foodservice Refrigeration Challenges

Posted by RDT on Feb 20, 2023 1:45:00 PM


How can we get more students to eat healthier lunches at a lower cost? That's the goal of any school nutrition director, and it's the main challenge every school nutrition director faces when school resumes every fall.

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Topics: food safety, Walk-Ins, HACCP, school, Regulations, redundancy, food storage

2022 Wrapped: Popular Commercial Refrigeration Content

Posted by RDT on Jan 10, 2023 9:47:50 AM

Last year saw a lot of advances in foodservice, as well as many challenges. As we tie the final bow on 2022, here's the RDT content that was the most popular. You voted with your views and here are the results.

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Topics: trends, RDT team

The Future of Refrigeration Systems Relies on Innovation

Posted by RDT on Dec 27, 2022 7:15:00 AM

In the past, some refrigeration systems were not environmentally friendly. Through years of innovations and efforts, this is changing. Now, commercial refrigeration can be more sustainable and better for the environment.

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Topics: Eco-Cool, trends

How Upgrading Your Refrigeration Technology Lowers Your Total Cost of Ownership

Posted by RDT on Dec 21, 2022 7:30:00 AM


Upgrading commercial refrigeration technology can help restaurants save money even when that equipment comes with an investment. It only takes one failure for a restaurant or foodservice operation to lose a walk-in full of ingredients, or on the other side, a system could drain energy every day. Neither is ideal in the books.

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Topics: remote refrigeration, Eco-Smart, remote monitoring

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